Tuesday, November 29, 2016

2D Week 13: Group Project Concept Round (Final Color) - Team Lion

Team Lion

My work

This week I worked on getting Kendall more familiarized with UE4 level layout as well fixed the perforce issues that arose last week due to the level getting overwritten by a previous version as well as brought Lindsay up to speed with the project, got her into engine, and taught her how to import and update her meshes herself

Once Kendall's work was done I went through the level and re optimized the performance of the stage back to 90fps 11ms as well as made sure that all the pieces of set dressing were properly touching the ground and not floating as well as hand deleted all the floating mushrooms and mushrooms that penetrated mesh due to the foliage tools parameters.

Also created a new iteration of the page layout for the concept work!

Kendall's Work

Kendall worked on expanding her work from last week as well as created a cage swaying animation.

Lindsay's Work

Lindsay update some of the set dressing pieces as well as added brand new urns to the project

Matt's Work

Matt created the three color passes of the environment

Noel's Work

Noel worked on bat concepts

Yunhao's Work

Yunhao created the three color passes of the character

with the performance issues of the level fixed he was finally able to push the Lions mane into the level

Monday, November 28, 2016

3D Class Week 14: Creating An Environment Part 02 (Landscape Tool and Custom Rock Set)

This week we were tasked with creating a landscape environment and a rock set to go with it, as extra  credit I also created a blended normal map and vertex painted pieces of the environment

Landscape Material

Blending a detail normal map

Vertex Paint

Set Dressing


UE4 Environment
Material for floating head at the end of the level

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

2D Class Week 12 Concept Round (Value Pass 02)

Team Lion
Noel Graham
Lindsay Green
Matthew Young
Kendall Robertson
Yunhao Huo
Paul Salas

This week we continued the work on the VR Oz project, below is the status update

My Work
I fixed Nav Mesh issues and inconsistencies we had with the mesh colliders across the level assets as well as fixed performance issues the arose through the week

Imported and updated set dressing pieces as well as reorganized the project assets so that they would be easy to utilize since level layout was taken up by Kendall this week 

Redesigned the concept layout page based on lead feedback

Created one of the three environment concepts 


Lindsay created a new set of set dressing pieces to begin populating the third key area of the Lion area as well as updated some of the old mesh pieces to better follow the art direction of the project


Matt created two of the three environment concepts required for this week


Kendall took on level layout in UE4 as well rigged and created a small animation for the bat


Yunhao created the three character concepts required for this week as well as continued to work on the Nvidia hairworks solution we're trying to implement for the lion's mane


Noel worked on detailing the bat in Zbrush to add more character and style to the proxy

Monday, November 21, 2016

3D Class Week 13 Creating An Environment Part 01

This week we were tasked with creating two separate pieces of tileable geometry that could be used as ground pieces. Below are the results of my work:

First we created a special piece of geometry that could be used in Zbrush to assist with the tiling process

With this mesh prepped and configured in Zbrush I begun to sculpt the first of the two pieces

First Sculpt

Once the sculpt was completed I took the decimated mesh into Maya to prep the seams and make sure the mesh could tile adequately

Maya Work

Substance Work


Second Sculpt

For the second sculpt I wanted to try including some organic elements since my natural inclination is to do character art and largely organic shapes, I found the following concepts from artist Fanny Vergne and they inspired me to do something similar


My work:

Tackling this piece was a bit challenging and required some iteration on my end, I ended up settling on creating a set of custom brushes that would let me get the results and details I wanted out of the piece

Below is my final sculpt:

Maya Work

Substance Work