Monday, April 17, 2017

Personal Project: Week 2

This week I continued my sculpting from last week pushing forward on the concept created by Yunhao, the  concept and final renders of the sculpt can be found below, thanks for looking : >!

Concept by Yunhao Huo

Base concept by Melissa Almirall

Final Sculpt


Peony Flowers

Arm Braces

Armored Skirt


Face Close Up

Breast plate close up

Character all views

Monday, April 10, 2017

Personal Project: Week 1


Last Week's Work

Progress Images

Finished Blockout 

random pre class update  because I had time :>

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Personal Project: The Plan

For the next month I'll be working on a personal piece that will introduce my specialization inside the 2D/3D track, below is the breakdown and work thus far for this project
Concept by Yunhao Huo

I will be creating this concept to completion, as such the breakdown is as follows

Week 1: block out the entire shape, all pieces clearly visible and correctly proportioned, concept is represented fully in 3D albeit low amounts of detail in most parts.

Week 2: DETAIL ALL THE THINGS. With all the shapes and pieces correctly proportioned and working together I'll spend the week doing a full detail pass and bringing the piece to it's final form. At this stage the high res sculpt should be completed or with very minimal adjustments left going into the third week

Week 3: Re- surfacing the sculpt and prepping the game ready mesh, UV the piece and ensure the bake is working correctly in substance

Week 4: Texture work and UE4 integration. Maybe some pretty pictures : >

The Work Thus Far

I sat down and prepped a comprehensive list of references that I'll be using through the sculpting and texturing process, the images below are the reference boards thus far, I fully expect to end up expanding it as I move forward with the project, I've also been in constant communication with Yunhao to make sure I can do justice to his concept and vision.

Zbrush Sculpt Current Progress

Monday, April 3, 2017

3D Class S2 Class 11 Environment Project Part 3

I started this week by going back to World Machine and creating a new mountain generator

Mountain in World Machine
I went back into Zbrush to continue pushing the statue sculpt, here is the final results!
Close up

Substance (IRay Render)

UE4 Environment