Sunday, December 11, 2016

2D Class Week 16: Figure Drawing

Life drawing was an 8 week course that composed part of our larger 2D course, it was incredibly enjoyable and I wish we could have continued to take the class and improve our abilities in this spectrum of art. Below are my three best pieces.

3D Class Week 16 Creating An Environment Part 04 (Vegetation)

This week I added foliage to my environment, below is the process:

First I adjusted and created textures I would later use for the environment

Final Texture map

I then mapped the texture's to a plane in maya

which I proceeded to cut and adjust their UVs accordingly

As well as vertex paint the planes for wind effects later 

I also added some mountains that I created through world machine to the far background


Foliage tool
Below are some shots of the final environment:

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

2D Week 15: Final Delivery

Lion Team
Kendall Robertson
Lindsay Green
Matthew Young
Noel Graham
Yunhao Huo
Paul Salas

My Work

This week I worked on creating the Main Menu level for the project alongside Leah and Bailey

What's that outside?
I created a tornado based on a vector field I created inside 3ds max

Shot in UE4 (the intention was to surround Dorothy's House in a witch born tornado

Lit the level, took care of standardizing the new assets, modified scales and arranged pieces to make more sense as the level progressed, added emissive faces to lamppost, migrated Yan's butterfly to serve as a proxy for Lion's friend, etc

Created an environment board to get feedback on printing the remainder of the mood boards!


Work to come soon!


Lindsay took her set dressing pieces into Zbrush and gave them a detail pass


Matt updated the concepts to better suit based on feedback

He also did another detail pass of the trees in zbrush


Noel created a concept drawing for the bat

Yunhao created destructible vases

He also gave the Lion his proper mane!

Monday, December 5, 2016

3D Class Week 15 Creating An Environment Part 03 (Skydomes)

This week I created a skysphere from scratch based on the tutorials provided, below are pictures of the process



Inner Cloud Ring

Skysphere Material


SkySphere Parameters

Inner Cloud Ring  Parameters